Friday, March 22, 2013

Frame Finalities

Waterjet parts are in! I've already talked about the frame design, so on to the pictures:

The frame, coming together.  At this point I hadn't yet drilled holes to attach the angled braces, so they aren't pictured.

The frame, plus DAT WHEEL.  You know, for scale.
 Unfortunately, some of our waterjet parts got lost in the order to Big Blue Saw-- and these parts included the front pieces, which would have held the steering kingpins and attached the front bar to the rest of the frame :\  So it's sad that the whole thing couldn't come together today, but I temporarily used the prototyped pieces to show what the frame will look like.

It's up on the table now, so no WHEEL, but this is the final frame-- you know, with some replacements.

I've got some pictures of mechanisms that I like a lot: first, unconventional 80/20 attachments, for unconventional 80/20 angles.

For the large angled 80/20, I drilled hole at a 20 degree angle into the metal, and then milled out a larger hole for the head of the screw to go through.  The bottom of the bar is connect (as you can see in the second picture) with an 80/20 T-nut, and (as you can kind of see, in the whole frame picture), the top of the bar is connected by tapping the end of the 80/20 cross-piece bar, and screwing into that.

Second, I really like the kingpin steering mechanicism.

These milled-out aluminum blocks (right) will be the mounts for the front wheels.  They will fit between the two steering plates and the bolt (left) will allow rotation about its bearings. The steering wheel, and rider control of the steering, will link to the blocks' bottom plate.

There will be pictures when this happens, and those will be a better explanation.

Next up: attaching wheels, both front and giant back, along with steering!

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