Friday, March 15, 2013

Prototyping Prototypes

Oh man, putting things together!

So for the last couple weeks Helena and I've been SolidWorksing and designing things.  We've had to move the seat part of the frame apart a little (turns out: it would be hard for humans to fit in a ten inch space...) but we managed to fix it before we cut 80/20, and our frame design is pretty final:

ooh shiny CAD!

So now, before we cut / waterjet these connectors, we have to prototype them in wood (to make sure they work and hold the metal together).  pics pics pics:

wood prototypes, with tiny wooden lasercutter poops

And here are the wooden connectors with our cut 80/20.  soooo let's see if things go together!

and they did! I personally am really excited to have a physical object and not just drawings in a notebook.  Next up: more frame, connected with metal.

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